Favorite Bali Locations



This is my personal favorite area of Bali for many reasons. You have the beach with great surfing, healthy and delicious restaurants, great coffee shops, yoga studios and nighty parties and fun. This is a lively safe town and so much fun, but very busy. You can get a villa for $40 per night and eat at a great restaurant for $5-$10 including drink, even beach front seafood restaurants under the starts. Canggu is located about an hour from the International airport in Denpasar (DPS)



You will feel the relaxing and magical energy as soon as you enter the deep jungle of Ubud, about 1 hour north of Canggu. This lush green area is full of great shopping, healthy restaurants, fun tours, temples, waterfalls, yoga, bars with live music, amazing resorts, great massages and fun



I took this done photo in Uluwatu at a secret beach location. This part of Bali is slower and more spread out. My favorite place to ride scooters around. Tons of great boutique hotels and restaurants. Amazing surfing spots and snorkeling. The new mega day club 'Omnia' is a hot spot to visit. 



A great spot if you want to be in the heart of Bali with tourists mostly. There are tons of bars, clubs, shopping and food here. I love the coconuts on the beach under the umbrellas with lights and live music, a must visit! 

Gili Islands


The most amazing place I have ever been. No joke. There are 3 little islands that you can walk around or ride bicycles and theres pony's, no cars. These little islands make you feel like you have gone back in time. Imagine snorkeling or scuba diving some of the best spots followed by a massage and movie on the beach with Hookah and fresh seafood buffet 



If you are looking for a short visit to Bali, then Kuta is your spot. You will find everything you need here. There are some nice resorts here and lots of street shopping, very tourist area of Bali and the downtown party spot. I don't spend much time here and prefer getting further away from the airport. But great for a quick tr